Arrangements for winds


Music for Organ

Epithalamium  (5 mins)

Transcription of Liszt La Lugubre Gondola (7 mins)


Sonnet of Exile (5 mins) 1 .0+EH. 1 +Bclt.2/

*Scherzi (after Quartet Music 3) Strings (13 mins)

Arrangements for winds

Note: the following represent the larger scale works. A full list can be obtained from the catalogues of Edwin F. Kalmus, Faber Music, Masters Music Inc.. Spartan Press and Emerson Music.

Bizet Jeux d’Enfants (22 mins) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus 1(db picc).2.2.2/2 Bizet (Gallo CD 674)

Bizet Carmen Suite (20 mins) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus 1.2(lbd EH).2.2+C/2 (Gallo CD 674)

Brahms 4 Hungarian Dances (15 mins)  publ. Edwin F Kalmus 2(lbd picc).2.2+BC.2+C/4 Brahms   Brahms Variations and Fugue on a theme by Handel (20 mins)  publ. Edwin F. Kalmus 2(1db picc).2.2+BC.2+C/3 (CD Klavier K 11114)

Debussy Epigraphes Antiques (20 mins) publ. Edwin F Kalmus 3(1db picc).1+EH.3+BC.2+C/2

Debussy Marche Ecossaise (8 mins) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus 2(1db picc).1+EH.2+BC.2+C/2

Debussy Children’s Corner (12 mins) publ. Edwin F Kalmus 1(db piec).1+EH.1+BC.1+C/2 (CD-CFP 4555)

Dvorak Bagatelles op 47 (20 mins)  publ. Edwin F Kalmus 0.2.2+2BtHn.2+C/2  (CD Klavier K 11126)

Dvorak Czech Suite (22 mins)  publ. Edwin F. Kalmus (CD Klavier K 11126)

Janacek  3 Lachian Dances (15 mins) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus

Mendelssohn Concert Pieces in d min. and f min. (10 mins each) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus Solo Clt and BtHn with (CD-CFP 4555)

Thomas Morley Hard by a Crystal Fountain(Canzonet) (3 mins) publ. Sibelius 0.2+2EH.0.2+C/0

Mozart Ov. The Impresario (5 mins) publ. Edwin F Kalmus

Mozart Ov. La Clemenza di Tito (6 mins) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus

Mozart Ov Idomeneo (6 mins) publ. Edwin F. Kalmus

Schubert 16 German Dances (15mins) publ. Edwin F Kalmus (CD-CFP 4555)

Sweelinck Variations on Mein junges Leben hat em End (8 mins) publ. Emmerson 0.2+2EH.0.2+C/0

Turina  Cinco Danzas Gitanas  (13 minutes) 2(1 db picc.).1+E.H.2.2/ Bass





Music for Bassoon

Music for Winds/Voice









Arrangements for Wind Quintet

Albeniz  España (20 mins) publ. Masters Music

Rossini  Ov. The Silken Ladder (5 mins) publ. Emerson Edition

Rossini  Ov. The Italian Girl in Algiers (5 mins) publ. Emerson Edition

Sullivan  Ov. Iolanthe (5 mins) publ. Emerson Edition

Albums and Educational Works

Going Solo (intermediate bassoon pieces) publ. Faber Music

The Really Easy Bassoon Book publ. Faber Music

Two by Two (graded bassoon duets) publ. Faber Music

Pastime with good company (bassoon trios) publ. Spartan Press (also available for clarinet and saxophone trios)

The Mikado Album for bassoon quartet  publ. Spartan Press


Please see also Graham Sheen at (Downloads are possible without a Sibelius programme)